June 27, 2017

How To Fill Out The Section 8 Application

If you are in a low income family you may wish to join the section 8 program. Being accepted means you will be issued with a voucher which entitles you to subsidized housing. This is a popular program and in order to speed up the process it is worth finding out how to fill out the section 8 application.

Section 8 Application

Firstly you need to contact your local Public Housing Agency, or PHA. You can call in and request an application form, or telephone and ask for one to be sent to your address. There are also several agencies, not directly associated with the PHA or Housing and Urban Development who can assist you with applying online. These companies will charge you for their services and are likely to act quickly on your behalf.

Once you receive the form it is worth taking the time to read through the form. There will be lots of information you will need to have ready in order to complete the form. This will include bank and job details. You will also need to have proof of all your income and assets, which may include bank statements and wage slips. Read through and gather your evidence before you begin to fill in the form. That way you will be able to complete the form in one go, without hunting for information.

You will be asked general information, such as name, date of birth and address. You will also be required to give past addresses and jobs that you have previously held. It will also be necessary to give the details of any other people who you wish to be housed with you.

Once you have completed the form check over the details to make sure you have not missed any questions. It is worth double checking as any unfinished or incorrectly filled out applications will halt the process and further delay you in being accepted. Once you are sure you have answered everything sign and date the form. Your application will not be accepted without a legal signature.

Gather all your evidence together with the section 8 application and take it to your PHA. You will be asked to prove your identity and will have to supply your social security number. Providing all the information on the form is correct, the PHA will inform you that you have been accepted and given a place on the Housing Authority waiting list. You may be on the list for a long time as many people find themselves in need of some assistance with housing costs.

The public housing agency will give you a priority code, and you shall also be told of your position on the list. Health issues, current residence are some of the factors which are taking into account when placing you on the waiting list. The PHA will also make an appointment with you and you will be interviewed to go through your application.

Follow these guidelines to ensure you know how to fill out the section 8 application and avoid any delays in getting your HUD voucher.

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